Folding arm awnings give you more space

Folding arm awnings are probably the most popular form of awning system for commercial environments such as shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. Folding arm awnings offer solar shading by shading an area to reduce glare, reduce heat gain and block out UV rays.

As the name suggests, folding arm awnings are operated by arms which fold out from the wall to extend the awning fabric. The arms are operated by either springs or gas and keep the awning fabric under tension as the awning is opened and closed.

The Marla Custom Blinds awnings use fabric ranges from Dickson and Sunbrella. These 2 ranges contain over 400 designs including solid colours, stripes and jacquards, many of which have special treatments to prevent fading, staining, dirt build up, mould and to make them water resistant.

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Marla Custom Blinds folding arm awnings are available as:-

Open – this type of folding arm awning is usually the most cost effective type of awning but the roller tube and therefore the fabric are not protected from the elements. This type of awning is best suited to installation beneath an overhanging roof or combined with a coverboard to protect the fabric.

Semi cassette – This type of folding arm awning will usually offer some protection to the awning fabric. The cassette may be open at the back which is then covered when the awning is fitted to a wall and some styles will have the folding arms exposed.

Full cassette – This type of folding arm awning is where the roller, folding arms and the fabric are all enclosed within a cassette when fully retracted. This type of folding arm awning is the most suitable option for installations that are exposed to the elements, it is the only type of awning that will offer protection to the fabric and it is the most neat and attractive awning when retracted.

Cassette finish – The majority of the awnings in the Marla Custom Blinds range are available in white or brown powder coating as standard but if you have a particular colour in mind then they can also be powder coated to any RAL colour.

Operation of a folding arm awning

Manual – Manual operation is with the use of a detachable winding handle which is attached to a gearbox fitted at one end of the awning roller tube. The gearbox can be fitted at either end of the awning to suit your requirements.

Electric – Electric operation makes the use of your awning effortless. The motor is fitted inside the roller tube and operated by remote control from either a hand held remote or a switch attached to the wall. At the touch of a button, your awning will quietly extend or retract at your command.

Electric options – with electrically operated awnings you can have sun and wind sensors to automatically extend and retract the awning as prevailing conditions dictate – you don’t even have to press a button. A sun sensor will automatically extend the awning to protect against overheating and the wind sensor will retract the awning automatically when the wind becomes too strong, protecting it from potential damage. These additions will ensure that the awning and its fabric will last longer.


To personalise or promote your business, all folding arm awning covers and valances can be sign written with your telephone number, personalised wording or printed with your own logo using your bespoke artwork.

Heating & lighting

To enable extended use of your awning when the light starts to fade or there is a chill in the air, lighting can be installed either underneath the awning cassette or in the front profile of the awning and infra-red heating can be installed underneath the awning cassette.

Installation of a folding arm awning

Several factors will affect the installation of a folding arm awning. The type of awning, whether it is just end fixed or it requires intermediate brackets, what the awning is being attached to, brick, concrete, etc. and whether there are any obstructions such as gutters, downpipes, etc. which require the use of specialist brackets such as spreader plates, gutter brackets, etc.

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5 Year Guarantee for peace of mind

5 year guaranteeAll our commercial awnings and canopies have a 5 Year Guarantee as standard. Should there be any faults with your blinds within 5 Years from the date of installation we will attend site to rectify any problems.

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