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Discover High-Quality Commercial Curtains Tailored to Your Specific Requirements

Commercial curtains are designed for use in commercial spaces, such as

  • offices
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • schools
  • universities
  • student accomodation
  • hospitals

Curtains can be an ideal alternative to blinds for a wide variety of situations such as

  • helping with acoustics on stages
  • blacking out classrooms for presentations
  • preventing heat loss
  • to add a touch of luxury to a company boardroom.

The commercial curtains that we manufacture are typically manufactured using commercial quality durable materials that can withstand heavy use and frequent cleaning. Commercial curtains are also often fire retardant to meet safety standards and building regulations.

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    There are several different types of commercial curtains available, including:

    • Blackout curtains: Blackout curtains block out all light, making them ideal for student accomodation bedrooms, company conference rooms, and other environments where darkness is required.
    • Sheer curtains: Sheer curtains allow light to filter through, while still providing some privacy. They are a good choice for windows that face busy streets or other public areas.
    • Lined curtains: Lined curtains provide insulation and help to reduce noise levels. They are a good choice for windows that face north or south, or for buildings that are located in busy areas.
    • Fire retardant curtains: Fire retardant curtains are required in many commercial spaces, such as schools and hospitals. They are made from materials that will slow the spread of fire in the event of a fire.
    Drama room blackout curtain

    We manufacture commercial curtains using a variety of different materials, including cotton, polyester, vinyl, and velvet. Your specific requirements will probably dictate the most suitable material for your commercial curtains.

    If you require curtains for bedrooms in student accomodation or a hotel, it is likely you will want them to be blackout and therefore the curtain fabric will need to be blackout to prevent light passing through. If the curtains are to be installed in an area with many people and they are being used a lot then the fabric choice will need to be durable and easily cleaned.

    When considering which commercial curtains will suit your requirements, some of the more important factors to consider are:

    • The purpose of the curtains. What do you want the curtains to achive? This may determine the type of material to be used. (blackout, sheer, lined, fire retardant)
    • The type of fabric. Are the curtains going to be in a high traffic area and used a lot? If so, you will likely be better with a durable fabric that is easy to clean and maintain
    • The fabric pattern and colour. A bold patterned fabric in a vibrant colour may not be appropriate for a company boardroom but could be ideal for the communal area of a residential care home.
    • Operation of the curtains. Is manual operation of the curtains acceptable or do they need to be motorised because they are particularly large or difficult to operate by hand.
    • Finally – Your budget for the curtains. How much you want to spend may significantly restrict your options but it is better to know this at the start of your decidion process rather than at the end when you have spent time considerable time creating the perfect solution only to find it is beyond your budget.

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