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Commercial Interior Plantation & Wooden Shutters

An attractive alternative to commercial blinds and curtains, commercial interior shutters are becoming an ever more popular way to enhance commercial spaces such as hotels and restaurants. There are many reasons why, and it’s much more than just looks. They appeal to a wide range of people, because they’re elegant, well made and extremely practical.

On the practical side, shutters offer outstanding control of light and privacy levels in a room, and they will also protect you from excessive heat and glare in summer. It’s a benefit most people recognise, but perhaps less well known is that shutters can save energy and keep a property warmer in the winter months, helping to reduce expensive heating bills. Experts suggest that heat loss can be reduced by as much as 50%, which is a performance that’s comparable to double glazing!

Our commercial interior shutters act as a natural sound barrier too, so intrusive noise such as traffic, is greatly reduced. Noise isn’t the only thing shutters keep out, because they are known to be effective as a deterrent to intruders.

Marla Custom Blinds offer a comprehensive range of made-to-measure shutter styles including PVC (waterproof), louvred and solid panel designs to suit all types of window architecture and property style. The PVC shutters are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens as they will not warp in moist conditions, louvred shutters allow you complete control of the light entering the room and solid panel shutters are intended to be folded back during the day and closed at night

Shutter styles

Full height – This most popular style of shutter is the full height of the windfull heightow or door. Over 1800mm height these shutters will have a dividing rail which allows you to operate the top and bottom louvres independently of each other. Full height shutters offer good insulation, light control, privacy and noise reduction.



tier on tier imageTier on Tier – 2 separate sets of panels, one above the other, which operate independently of each other. This style gives excellent privacy and light control but are not suitable for all windows




cafe style imageCafe Style – Cafe style shutters have panels which only cover the lower part of the window, usually around half the height but can be more or less. They are more cost effective than full height shutters and let in more light but offer less draft proofing and are more for decorative purposes than practical.



solid panelSolid – Solid shutters have solid wood panels that cover the entire window. They are very good for insulation and noise reduction but are less flexible for light control as they are either open or closed.




tracked shutter imageTracked – These are full height shutters which rather than being hinged off a frame they are suspended from a track and then concertina back to the sides. They are ideal for wide windows and bi-fold doors where more panels are required than would be allowed on the usual hinged installation.



ARCH - SMALLShaped – These are bespoke panels manufactured to fit unusual and awkward shaped windows. A variety of shapes can be manufactured including arches, circular and triangular and in many situations the louvres will operate.




We offer a choice of 5 different louvre widths,

  • 63mm
  • 76mm
  • 89mm

all of which can be opened or closed by means of a tilt rod or if you would rather not have a tilt rod visible, you can opt for no tilt rod (hidden tilt) where you simply lift or lower one of the louvres with your fingertip and the rest will follow suit.

All our commercial interior shutters are bespoke to your individual sizes, shapes and requirements. From the finish and colour, the size of the louvre’s right through to the colour of the hinge and all are fitted by our highly specialist team to the most exacting standards.

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