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Commercial Sails

Commercial sails are the modern and efficient way to control heat gain and glare in any commercial large or high glazed space.

Commercial sails are both versatile and effective, whilst their simple design compliments the style and dimensions of almost any space plus commercial sails will provide the solution you want by controlling solar glare and gain while maintaining a light filled space with an open view and an airy feel.

Our commercial sails are designed and manufactured in the UK, using solar control fabrics developed specifically for this application. These fabrics have a dense fabric structure that blocks the harsh power of the sun, with most of the suns energy reflected as heat. However, around 25% of the light is refracted through the layers of fibres that constitute the fabric. These fibres diffuse and filter the sunlight, bathing the space below in cool diffuse light.

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    Commercial Sails

    • Offer a practical solution to glare and overheating
    • Are bespoke and unique to your environment
    • Have a 5 Year guarantee
    • Are simple to maintain and are machine washable

    Acoustic Enhancement

    Hard sound reflective surfaces like glass, concrete and wood cause speech sounds to overlap each other, resulting in muddy, unintelligible sound. The low tension levels in stretch fabric sails can be used to reduce the sound reflected off of hard surfaces, softening the space and preventing echo.

    Fully Bespoke

    Commercial sails as a concept are incredibly simple but the options are almost limitless and the results are always stunning. Your solution will be tailored to your space and developed specifically to meet your requirements.
    Our designers will work closely with you to realise your vision; with our passion to create beautiful solutions, experience in tackling challenging problems, and advanced software to create complex forms this process is often quicker and easier than you imagine.
    We believe beautiful designs can be created for even the most demanding of spaces and we guarantee to add some wow factor to every project.

    Colour Matching

    Colour match – Available for all of our fabrics, short runs can be produced in any Pantone or RAL colour so that you can always get exactly the colour you want.
    Duplex – When heat gain is a big issue but you still want great colour our Duplex colour fabric is the perfect choice – the duel sided fabric means compromising is not required.
    Colour Wash – White sails can be front or back lit – instantly change the mood or create quickly changing dynamic forms and images.
    Printing – For branding, images or artwork – high definition printing can add punch, glamour and sophistication

    Case Study – Meeting Space

    The Problem – A large atrium space was formed by closing two wings of a building. The space was used for social events, exhibitions, and presentations to large audiences. As well as large areas of hard surface the acoustic issues were exacerbated by a pitched glass roof which tended to focus the sound towards the centre of the room. In addition to the poor acoustics this glazed roof caused excessive heat gain and glare.
    The solution – The solution was stretch fabric acoustic wall paneling and stretch fabric ceiling sails.
    To target low and mid frequencies the face of the stretch fabric panels were positioned off the wall and backed with acoustic foam and a 60mm air gap. High level fabric ‘sails’ were installed to overcome the glare and excessive heating problems, these sails also act as membrane (panel) absorbers reducing resonance by low frequency noise.


    Meeting Space sails

    5 Year Guarantee for peace of mind

    5 year guaranteeAll our commercial sails have a 5 Year Guarantee as standard. Should there be any faults with your sails within 5 Years from the date of installation we will attend site to rectify any problems.

    All the relevant qualifications you’d expect


    Comments from some of our customers

    Well done guys, you have worked really hard to meet our deadline. Against the clock your team pulled it out of the bag. Looks fabulous, we’re impressed.

    We work on tight schedules and tight budgets. Marla Custom Blinds have never let us down.

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