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Anti Glare Blinds – seeing is believing

Anti-Glare blinds as the name suggests, reduce glare within the working environment making the use of computer screens and VDU’s easier and more comfortable.

The problem with VDU screens is that the levels of light emitted from the screen are comparatively low.

Therefore the contrast available between the information displayed on the screen and the screen background is limited. Couple this with strong glare from windows and the information displayed can be very difficult, if not impossible to read.

Blinds to reduce glare

The requirements of Annex A of EEC Health and Safety directive 901210 says ‘windows should be fitted with a suitable system of adjustable coverings to attenuate the daylight that falls upon the work station’. Anti-Glare blinds can fulfill this requirement in every way.

The Anti-Glare properties are achieved by means of a solar reflective coating applied to one side of the fabric which significantly improves the fabric’s solar and optical performance characteristics. This specialist coating has additional benefits in that the fabric will also reduce heat gain (therefore reducing air conditioning costs) within an office and the fabric is flame retardant.

For further detailed information on Anti-Glare fabrics please have a look at our Anti-Glare datasheet

Previous projects

Multi coloured office vertical blinds

Wealth Management Company

Electrically operated blackout blinds recessed into the ceiling and with with side channels to prevent light entering the room around the sides of the blinds.

Office refurbishment

Manual operation roller blinds with solar reflective backing to redduce heat build up and reduce glare on computer screens.

Mobile Technology Company

192 solar reflective roller blinds for a main contractor who refurbishes offices and commercial properties for a variety of clients throughout the country.


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