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Commercial Office Blinds – what’s the difference?

Depending on your requirements, there may be several different types of commercial blinds that could be suitable. When we visit to carry out the site survey we will discuss your requirements, consider any particular issues that need to be addressed and offer advice to help you choose the best option for your individual needs.

Vertical blinds commercial
Made-to-measure Vertical Blinds offer a stylish and cost effective solution for large areas of glass often found in office environments. Available in a broad range of quality fabrics, including fabrics with a solar reflective coating for controlling heat gain & glare, flame retardant fabrics, washable fabrics and fabrics with an anti-microbial coating for health environments. Vertical blinds are available in 89mm (3.5”) or 127mm (5”) louvre widths and many are available as roller blinds.
Roller blinds commercial
Roller Blinds are the ultimate commercial blind to supply effective light, heat and glare control. Ideally suited for offices, schools, hospitals, etc. where a simple to use, cost effective, functional blind is required. Available as spring, side chain, crank handle or electric operation plus cassette head box, hold down brackets for doors or side guide wires for non vertical surfaces, the roller blinds is a versatile solution for many situations.
cassette roller blinds commercial
Cassette Roller Blinds are the perfect solution for environments such as optical laboratories, photographic laboratories and other areas where total darkness is required. The roller blind is concealed within an aluminium head box, the edges of the fabric run in aluminium side channels and the bottom bar locates into an aluminium bottom channel, all to ensure there is no light penetration around the blind. The most popular fabric is a wipe clean PVC blackout fabric but a range of alternative blackout fabrics are available. Operation is by means of side chain, crank handles or electric.
venetian blinds commercial
Our modern Venetian Blinds are practical, durable, fashionable and offer great light control. They come in a stunning range of shades and surface finishes including pearlised, perforated, printed and wood effect. The horizontal aluminium slats are available in 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm, widths and have colour coordinated head and bottom rails to suit all types and styles of windows and doors. Operation can be either manually or electric and as with the roller blinds, hold down brackets and side guide wires are available.
Panel blinds commercial
Panel Blinds work well as a commercial blind in meeting rooms or boardrooms with large expanses of floor to ceiling window or as practical and stylish room dividers. Extended, they provide shading or privacy but then stack back behind each other effortlessly to allow maximum light into your room or open two rooms into one. Marla Custom Blinds manufacture and supply panel blinds in a range of modern fabrics including solar reflective, woodweave and faux suede to suit all requirements and situations.
Pleated blinds commercial
Commercial pleated blinds are ideal for conservatories and orangeries in pubs, hotels, leisure centres, garden centres, etc. Pleated Blinds can be manufactured for both rectangular and those tricky shaped panels often found in conservatory roofs. With solar reflective coatings, they offer the perfect solution to reducing heat gain and glare in conservatories. All the pleated blinds we manufacture are fitted as standard with Equipleat ® pleat retention system which ensures the pleats retain their spacing and the blinds keep their shape.
Perfect Fit pleated blinds commercial
The Perfect Fit System is an elegant, unobtrusive, no-drill blind fitting solution suitable for modern UPVC doors and windows. The Perfect Fit blind sits flush within the window bead in an all-around frame and the frame also keeps the blind close to the glass, making it perfect for tilt and turn windows. The Perfect Fit System is compatible with 20mm pleated, 16mm/25mm aluminium, 25mm woodslat and roller blinds.
Intu Design Blinds are also an elegant, unobtrusive, no-drill blind fitting solution suitable for modern UPVC doors and windows. The Intu Design blinds differ from the Perfect Fit system in that the blind is not housed within an all-around frame but has a headrail that sits within the window bead and then side channels are fitted either side of the window glass and a side cord holds the blind against the window. Intu Design blinds can be supplied with either slim Venetian slats (16mm/25mm), pleated blinds (20mm) or roller blinds.
Roman blinds commercial
Roman blinds offer a softer more luxurious look than some other blinds and can be made from any soft fabric which enables you to create a Roman blind which will fit with virtually any interior design you may have and can be co-ordinated with curtains and other soft furnishings.
Woodslat blinds commercial
Woodslat Venetian Blinds offer a natural alternative to aluminium Venetian blinds. They complement modern, natural wood flooring perfectly and come in a vast range of natural wood tones plus a range of whites. The slats come in 25mm. 35mm and 50mm widths to suit most window styles. They come with a matching pelmet and can be supplied with optional ladder tape to add that extra touch of luxury.
Woodweave blinds commercial
Woodweave Blinds offer the last word in contemporary style producing a subtle, diffused lighting effect that’s is both stunning and soothing. They are made using the same system as our 20mm pleated blinds, which means that they are ideal for vertical windows, Velux windows, and conservatory roof panels of all shapes and sizes. We offer an exceptional range of beautiful woodweave fabrics, some with solar reflective backing, to suit all tastes and colour schemes.
shutters commercial
Shutters offer outstanding control of light and privacy levels in a room and they will also protect you from excessive heat and glare in summer. It’s a benefit most people recognise, but perhaps less well known is that shutters can save energy and keep an environment warmer in the winter months, helping to reduce expensive heating bills. .
curtains commercial
Curtains are suitable for a wide variety of situations such as helping with acoustics on stages, blacking out classrooms for presentations, preventing heat loss or to add a touch of luxury to a company boardroom. All the curtains we manufacture and install are available in a variety of styles with standard lining, blackout lining, interling and flame retardant. A wide rage of curtain tracks are available right from a lightweight hand operated track through to a fully motorised stage curtain.
cubicle tracking commercial
We offer a range of cubicle tracking systems including the Silent Gliss 6100 system, Movatrack 100 system and Movatrack 101 system depending on specification and requirements of the particular project. These systems ensure that cubicle tracking can be supplied and installed bent as required, with Anti-microbial finishes to assist with infection control, and an extensive range of accessories for virtually all applications and installations.
insect screens blinds
Insect screens for commercial environments can can offer the ideal solution to prevent unwanted visitors such as insects, wasps, etc and are an absolute must for food preparation areas if you want to let in some fresh air. Marla’s professionally fitted and retractable insect screens come in a range of styles and finishes to fit most types of doors and windows. They allow the fresh air in, and keep the bugs out.
Awnings are a great way to provide much-needed shade over patio’s and terraces during the height of summer yet can be easily retracted when not needed. These are perfectly suited to commercial situations such as shops, bars, and cafés. These long-lasting installations feature powder-coated folding arms and a choice of acrylic or PVC shades in a range of colours and designs.
Dutch Canopies provide an attractive cost effective alternative to traditional wind-out awnings where shading is required inside a building but there may be space or weight restrictions which prevent a folding arm awning from being installed. Dutch Canopies can be rigid or retractable and if retractable and are perfect for sign writing to get your business noticed.

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