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Electric Skylight Roller Blinds at HMS Excellent

Marla Commercial Blinds Fit Electric Skylight Roller Blinds at HMS Excellent

Recently Marla Commercial Blinds completed an electrically operated blind installation project at HMS Excellent, on behalf of local MOD contractor JRC Facilities.

HMS Excellant web sizeThe Billiard room at HMS Excellent is a large hall with 6.5 metre high arched ceiling and three large skylights. The room is used as a cinema, and so the three roof lights need to be able to be blacked out quickly and reliably. Marla Custom Blinds was asked to survey the facility and quote for the replacement of the inoperable, manually operated blackout blinds on the central skylight.

We recommended the manufacture and installation of two SHY, full-cassette, 2.5 x 1.5m electrically operated roller blinds, remotely controlled by a wall mounted radio switch. Our proposal was accepted, and Installation completed in early March 2016.

Drew Mitchell, Marla’s Manufacturing and Installation Manager said, “Due to the height of the ceiling we had to use a scaffolding tower when installing the blinds but erecting it was a challenge.” “There was limited space between the roof supports either side of the skylight, but despite that we were able to assemble the tower and complete the whole job in just one day.”

Martin Froud. Managing Director of Marla Custom Blinds said, “Following the success of this installation, JRC has since ordered another electric cassette roller blind for the cinema at HMS Sultan.” Marla Custom Blinds are confident that this project will be the start of a long and mutually beneficial partnership with JRC Facilities.

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