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Save energy with blinds & shutters

Energy Saving

Recent research conducted by Citizens Advice shows that on average energy costs have increased by 37{81270f7af5241d33771d91adce249e99bdf68d22a16426268a73d2c6dde5db75} over the last three years

That’s three times higher than the rate of inflation and eight times higher than earnings increases over the same period.
And according to a recent survey from Which?, for the first time since tracking customer concerns, more than half say that they are very worried about energy prices.

The Which? study also shows:

84{81270f7af5241d33771d91adce249e99bdf68d22a16426268a73d2c6dde5db75} of consumers are worried about energy prices
69{81270f7af5241d33771d91adce249e99bdf68d22a16426268a73d2c6dde5db75} of energy bill payers have cut back on how much heating they use to keep costs down
43{81270f7af5241d33771d91adce249e99bdf68d22a16426268a73d2c6dde5db75} are worried about getting into debt as a result of rising prices
30{81270f7af5241d33771d91adce249e99bdf68d22a16426268a73d2c6dde5db75} said they do not know how they will heat their homes this winter
24{81270f7af5241d33771d91adce249e99bdf68d22a16426268a73d2c6dde5db75} said they have taken money out of savings to pay for a bill in the past year

Blinds and shutters will obviously not solve the energy problem but like other insulating products they have an important part to play.

The key is to get the specification and insulation correct and ensure consumers operate them properly.

The BBSA recognises that this is an important feature of window shading products that sometimes get overlooked by the consumer – and sometimes by the industry at the time of when the public is considering the purchase of blinds or shutters.

To help explain the winter energy saving benefits to homeowners the BBSA has produced a short animated energy saving video which can be viewed by clicking the video below:

Correctly specified and used, blinds or shutters can reduce heat loss through glazing by up to 40{81270f7af5241d33771d91adce249e99bdf68d22a16426268a73d2c6dde5db75}Â – saving energy and therefore money.

For further information on the energy saving benefits of blinds and shutters you can download a copy of the BBSA “Save on fuel costs this Winter” and “Are you burning money?” leaflets by clicking on the images below.

BBSA energy saving leaflet
BBSA energy saving leaflet


Click on the appropriate image above to download the leaflet (PDF version)

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